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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Three famous people

                                I  dont know whether it can be called a hobby but i have a hobby . Whenever i see a movie , read a book or hear about a famous person i read about their brief biography on the internet .
Its an interesting habit cos we learn a lot more about them as a human being which is not known in the public persona  .

All of us know about the hunchback of Notre Dame .. the fictional character created by one of the greatest french novelist Victor Hugo . Even greater is his novel Les Miserables which is one of my favourites  showing    the depth of human character .The greatness of  Les Miserables is the tender way in which the life and struggles of the working class is shown  .  And a brief glance on his personal life shows this attitude in his personal life too  .  Even his last will reflects this .

I leave 50 000 francs to the poor. I want to be buried in their hearse.
I refuse [funeral] orations of all churches. I beg a prayer to all souls.
I believe in God.

50000 francs 150 years ago was a very huge sum and he didnt need this philanthropic gesture to show off as he was so famous already that 2 million attended his funeral  .  Notable also is his philosophy which is even noted in the will .. Even at his last moments he was against organised religions double standards . But still he believed in God  .

Coming to Bengal  from France let us visit our  Dear Rabindranath Tagore ,  the first non western Nobel laureate from india (Gitanjali )  ,  author of our National anthem  and a great poet and indian freedom fighter . We know him really well ?  Did you know that this proud indian renounced his Knighthood conferred by the British crown ?  Because that was how he protested the Jallian walla Bagh massacre  .  And did we know that this great man was really lonely most of his life  ? who was "Vijaya" in his life ?

 “It is difficult for you to realise what an enormous burden of loneliness I carry about me...My market value has risen high and my personal value has been obscured. This value I seek to realise with an aching desire…This can be had only from a woman's love and I have been hoping for a long time that I deserve it.” (14 November 1924)

In  his own words through his letters . After death of his wife Mrinalini at an early age he was a widower till the age of 63  .  And this letter was written to Victoria Ocampo,34  the Argentinian lady whom he met , He named her "Vijaya " the bengali meaning for Victory  .  An unexpected sickness while in South America was the beginning of a beautiful close relationship at the twilight years of his life . (Google Rabindranath Tagore letters for more details )  .

The third famous person is a homework for you . Everyone knows the beautiful Princess D .. Yes Lady Diana who was equally famous in both her short life and death .  Did you know that she was a great philanthropist  ?  Do you know why she was unhappy even when she was almost the queen of England and had more than 17 million pounds in assets  ?  Read about her brief biography on the net and you will know the answer .

Tell me whether this hobby is interesting ... Before i finish  ... Yesterday only i knew that Benjamin spock the famous paediatrician who wrote Baby and Childcare was an olympic champion too  ... Nice to know isnt it that the guy who infuenced my parents(they still got that book  )   in bringing up me (this blogger )  was an olympic medalist .

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